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Ruby doesn’t have the same problem but if we ever have her in the vet we ask them to check her teeth too,” she said.

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We cannot imagine our lives without Finnegan!He is so sweet.

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When it comes to cats, it’s important to hold the cat’s head still and very gently separate the lips,” Pete added. More…

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I have passed the love of dogs unto my 2 children who are every active in our breeding program. More…

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For some people, the chief concerns when choosing can range from allergies all the way to whether or not the breed has a penchant for being a "family" dog. There are a wide variety of "hybrid" breeds that are bred to take advantage of the positive traits from both breeds involved. For instance, the Goldendoodle is a hybrid mix between a Golden Retriever and a Poodle. A reputable Goldendoodle breeder can help answer your questions about whether or not this hybrid breed is right for you. The hybrid breed responds well to positive reinforcement and consistency. This breed, incidentally, makes for great service dogs as well.

Because they're so intelligent and easily trained, they make superb service dogs and family pets, both.

People who are considering acquiring a Goldendoodle need to be sure that their lifestyle and schedule will permit them to spend lots of time with their new companion, so that behavioral problems can be prevented or at least nipped in the bud.

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